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Criminal Law

Best law firm in Mumbai > Criminal Law

Criminal Law

The Practice – Criminal Law

Elixir Legal Services is one of the best law firms in Mumbai for Criminal matters, representing clients across courts and tribunals for all kinds of criminal cases including white-collar crimes. Our representation ranges across the Supreme Court of India, High Courts, Sessions Courts, and District Courts via the best Criminal law attorney.


Experience and Expertise


Our expert criminal defense lawyer in Mumbai assists criminal matters before Magistrate Courts, Sessions Courts, High Courts across India, and Supreme Court in the following areas of Criminal Law:


  • Corporate Fraud, Market Manipulation
  • Bank / Financial Institutions Frauds
  • White Collar Crimes / Economic Offences
  • Misappropriation and Siphoning of Funds 
  • Negotiable Instruments
  • Department of Company Affairs – Serious Frauds Investigation office
  • Quashing of FIRs/ Bails/ Trial
  • Criminal Complaints
  • Defamation Cases
  • Prevention of Money Laundering Act
  • Prevention of Corruption Act
  • Narcotics and Drugs Violation
  • Violation of Intellectual Property Rights /Cyber Laws
  • Criminal Breach of Trust
  • Cheating and Fraud cases
  • Criminal Writs / Revisions / Appeals
  • Trials and Bail
  • Suspension of Sentence


It is important to note that each case is unique and may require unique legal procedures and penalties. In case of your involvement in a criminal case or if require legal assistance, it is advisable to consult with our qualified criminal defense lawyer who can provide guidance based on the specific circumstances of your case.

In addition, our expert attorney has experience in banking and financeintellectual property issues, and civil litigation laws.


The Elixir Criminal Law Advantage


The firm has extensive experience in representing clients’ criminal matters at the PAN India level across different courts, the firm has handled various leading cases. Our Criminal Litigation Lawyers in Mumbai can also file Writ Petition in the Supreme Court seeking to protect his/her constitutional rights. 


Frequently Asked Questions


– Criminal law encompasses a diverse array of cases, such as personal crimes (e.g., assault, murder), property crimes (e.g., theft, burglary), financial crimes, cybercrimes, and more. Each type of crime has its own legal principles and penalties.

– A criminal lawyer can provide legal representation, case analysis, evidence collection, witness preparation, and the development of strong defenses to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

– A distinguished criminal law firm or attorney is characterized by their experience, expertise, commitment to clients, and a track record of successful case outcomes.

– To seek legal assistance, you can reach out to a criminal law firm or attorney through their website, by phone, or via email. An initial consultation is often scheduled to discuss your case and explore potential legal strategies.

– A criminal law firm offers comprehensive consultations to help clients understand the charges they face, potential penalties, and available legal defenses. They aim to ensure clients are well-informed and actively engaged in their case.

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