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Capital Markets

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Capital Markets

The Practice – Capital Markets


Finance and and debt capital market law firm practice is a cornerstone of our firm, Elixir Legal services. Our private equity clients include public and private corporations, national and state banks, funds of all sizes, small business development, and investment companies. Having represented both lenders and borrowers, we have an in-depth understanding and extensive experience as a fairly established capital market law firm in Mumbai.


Experience and Expertise


Our client-centric approach to transactions and the capital structure includes advisory related to:
Major national/ international banks and financial institutions, corporate borrowers, investment managers, insurance companies, brokers, and investment funds, securities and derivatives trading houses, broker-dealers, alternative finance providers, rating agencies, trustees, and other financial services firms about their lending, borrowing, finance transactions and arrangements.

We are consistently ranked as a leading finance and capital markets law firm in the country. Our Finance team consists of more than 50 lawyers and advises financial institutions and corporations involved in arranging and executing all forms of related finance and capital markets transactions. We are actively involved in and hold representative positions on, numerous industry organizations and trade bodies and have been instrumental in proposing, drafting, and advising on many changes to finance and capital markets laws in India related to:

• Asset-based working capital facilities
• Multicurrency cross-border financings
• Inter-creditor agreements
• Note purchase agreements
• Loan workouts and debt restructurings, including debtor-in-possession financings
• Receivables-based financings


The Elixir Advantage:


With this varied practice extending across markets and capital structures, we have a sophisticated understanding of debt finance and capital markets transactions and can provide our clients with focused, experienced and efficient teams to their needs. Elixir’s specialized and focused DCM practice spans capital markets and debt covenant packages. Our Attorneys with significant relevant experience closely manage all transactions throughout the structuring, due diligence, and documentation phase of a deal. Our clients highlight the team’s ability to implement creative solutions even under strict regulatory requirements.




– Disclosure requirements typically oblige companies to provide comprehensive financial statements, annual reports, and periodic reports, including information about significant events or changes that could impact the value of their securities. This ensures that investors have access to relevant information for making informed investment decisions.

– Capital markets law includes provisions to prevent market abuses such as insider trading and market manipulation. Insider trading regulations prohibit individuals with privileged information from trading securities based on that information, ensuring a level playing field for all investors. Market manipulation regulations aim to prevent intentional actions that distort market prices or deceive investors. Legal professionals can provide valuable assistance in addressing market abuses within the realm of capital markets law. They specialize in navigating the complexities of capital markets and offer a range of services to combat market abuses.

– Legal experts can explain how capital markets law prohibits insider trading and how it regulates the flow of confidential information within the market. They can provide guidance on compliance with insider trading regulations and help develop internal policies to prevent such unlawful practices.



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